Hello, Meet My Representative...
Date: Sep 15, 2013 by Shamara Ray
My new novel asks the question: what happens when the man you fall for isn’t who he says he is? You Might Just Get Burned takes the premise of meeting someone’s “representative” to the next level.

I’ve been hearing from readers that the character Avery Woodson is a trip—indeed he is! Avery has been playing games with women for years. To him they’re entertainment and nothing more. Predictable. Interchangeable. Expendable. But here’s a question, have you met your own Avery Woodson? I bet you have.

I’ve been reading emails and Facebook messages from plenty of folks that say they’ve been meeting too many representatives lately. Why do you think there’s an abundance of reps out there? Is it their intention to deceive? Or do they try to put their best foot forward, only to start exhibiting not so favorable behaviors?

I did an unofficial poll of some of my friends, both male and female. Not surprisingly, almost all of them insisted that they don’t introduce their representative, yet they’ve met many. Could it be that we don’t realize we’re introducing our own rep or is it that we don’t want to admit that we have a representative in the first place? I mean, are you really going to tick off all of your bad habits to someone you’re trying to get to know better? Probably not. But guess what? Once you get comfortable with that new person and give your representative the day off, lo and behold, they meet the real you… Whoever that may be!

Do you have a representative? Are you currently dealing with one? What advice do you have for dealing with representatives?

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