5 Important Rituals for Love
Date: Mar 3, 2015 by Shamara Ray
So, you’re in love and it’s wonderful. Now what? What do you do to keep the romance alive? It’s not uncommon for us to meet that special someone, fall in love, and then get too comfortable. If you want a love that endures and can stand the test of time, you need some rituals. Here are my favorites.

Communicate Your Wants and Needs
Take the time to find out what makes your partner happy—that requires listening and communication. No one is a mind reader. If you’re clear about your desires, you can avoid your partner having to guess what you like, what you want, and what you need.

We all want to be treated like we’re special and it requires a conscious effort from you and your partner. Send a card, love letter, or poem. Reminisce about the first time you met. Take the time to tell your partner why you love them. Oftentimes, we’re quick to say what we don’t like, what someone isn’t doing right, or what bothers us about our loved one. Instead, try to say what you do like or what they are doing right. Say something nice. Let your partner know they’re pretty or beautiful, handsome, sexy or smart—whatever reason you appreciate them and why you’re thankful they’re in your life. That isn’t always easy, but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes.

Keep it Sexy
It takes effort to keep the romance alive. Just because you put a ring on it, and that goes both ways, doesn’t mean you no longer have to romance your partner. Don’t get settled in your relationship. Continue to woo your partner with breakfast in bed, candlelight dinners, and sexy lingerie…whatever it takes. Plan a date night. Go dancing or to a concert, see a movie or a take long walk on the beach. Buy your partner gifts, just because. Women love getting flowers for no reason, but men like gifts too. Buy your man a bottle of cologne, something that you would love to smell on him and keep you close.

Be a Team Player
It’s so easy to put ourselves first. Being a team player takes a lot more effort. Take time to consider what your partner enjoys and make it happen. Does she love the theater? Then, go see a play. Maybe a day at the spa would tickle her fancy. Why not book a couples massage? Is your man a sports fanatic? Get him tickets to a sporting event. Perhaps he’s into video games; get him one of those, if that’s what he likes. Rather than avoiding what your partner likes, go with her to the theater. Learn to play his favorite video game and play alongside him. Aside from having fun together, it shows your partner that you’re attuned to what makes them happy.

Show Affection Every Day
Kiss your partner each and every day! Many couples don’t even touch one another on a daily basis. The simple gestures of holding hands, stroking one’s hair, giving a kiss on the cheek, and even a hug are absent in some relationships. Physical contact is essential for achieving and maintaining a sense of connectedness. Don’t overlook the gestures of affection. If you’re in love, then it’s important to show it.

Plan for a Future of Love
We plan for almost every facet of our lives. We’re always concerned about our futures and making plans to ensure success. Why should love be any different? Develop a strategic plan for your romantic future. Discuss your goals and desires for your relationship and continuously strive to achieve them. Take romantic trips. Travel to exotic destinations where you can feel romance all around you. Don’t let anniversaries pass by with little or no fanfare. Acknowledge anniversaries and celebrate your love. Day to day, continue to learn each other and grow together. We all evolve through the years. Make sure you know who your partner is today, not only who they were yesterday. Remind your partner why you fell in love with them and why you still do. Make plans for your love to last.

Most importantly, create your own rituals for love!

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Shamara Ray
Posted: Sun, Apr 5th, 2015 8:02:12 pm

Thank you, Patricia! I'm so pleased you enjoy my novels and have been spreading the word. Stay tuned!

Posted: Thu, Apr 2nd, 2015 11:43:47 pm

I love your books and i am always telling different people about them. even at work i think i just got 2 more people to check out your work.


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