The Seasons of Love
Date: Apr 12, 2014 by Shamara Ray
It’s funny how people equate love and romance with the seasons. The time of year seems to evoke certain stirrings from deep within. In the summer, we’re looking for passion, something hot and steamy. Fall, with its golden sunshine and colorful foliage, brings out the hopeless romantic in the best of us. The winter incites thoughts of cozy, romantic dinners and nights spent by the fireplace. Then, there’s spring. As flowers bloom and birds sing, our hearts open. We’re drawn to all that’s fresh and new. A curious glance. An innocent touch. That first kiss. As spring finally makes its presence felt, love is in the air like the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms.

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings. It’s a harmonious coupling of love and romance. Be open to it. Receive the beauty that spring has to offer and, most importantly, share it with someone else. You never know; they may be the one.

If you’re already in love, take a moment to reflect upon the days when your love was new. Do something special with the one you love. Enjoy the light, gentle breeze as you walk through the park. Whatever you do, keep it fresh and new!

Spring has sprung!

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